Battle of Wills

Thank you to all that came to Battle of Wills on the 5th of September 2020!
We hope you had as much fun playing our game as we did running it.
Don’t forget to connect with us to keep up to date with our future events!
See you soon detectives.

The great astronomer Sir Ralph Norbert has been nominated for the Master of Innovation in Science (and) Technology (M.O.I.S.T) Award, but before the results are even announced he is found dead, washed up in the river Thames. Can you and your team of super sleuths solve the mystery of his passing? Or will the truth remain as distant as the stars he studied?

Terms and Conditions

We recommend team sizes of 2-6.

The game features puzzles set at an adult level of difficulty, mature themes, and naughty words, therefore there is a recommended age limit of 16+. If you would like someone below this age to join your team please contact and we will take a look and see if an exception can be made.

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